What is a Solar Return?

A solar return report is a snapshot of the sky as it appeared on the most recent anniversary of your birth.

Thus, this book tracks your Sun’s “return” to the exact degree that it had assumed at birth – this year. The period covered spans one entire year – from one birthday to the next.

It will give you a very good indication of the coming climate of your new personal year.

It functions like a long-range weather report.

Some readers have asked if their Solar Return report will list dates to use as favorable for action in the coming year, similar to what Susan Miller provides in her monthly free forecasts on Astrology Zone.

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No, a solar return report does not do that.

A solar return WILL give you great insight into the broad issues that are about to come into focus as revealed by the placement of all the planets on your birthday this year.

It is not possible to give you exact dates because that isn’t the purpose of a solar return chart.

Still, knowing the areas of concern as well as the areas of reward that will come up for you can be insightful and helpful as you navigate through your birthday year.

This report is designed just for you, so it is custom.

OK, I want a Solar Return.

How is it Done?

Once we draw up your solar return chart for the date of your birth this year, we take the planets of that solar return chart and place them into your natal chart to see where they fall – the result is your report.

As you can see, this is a very personalized report, uniquely made for you, using your date, place and exact time of birth. Our books are printed one-at-a-time.


In some years, you may find that certain sections of your solar report are contradictory; this is common in astrology, as there are usually many aspects going on in a chart at the same time.

If you find two aspects that seem opposite in meaning, it means a brilliant aspect might be able to mitigate a more challenging one.

As you go through the year, your antenna will be raised to see how these apparently contradictory influences in the areas noted will assert themselves.

Chances are, you will be able to find a balance between the two because you will have become keyed to them.

Some Readers Ask:
Is a Solar Return Chart the Same as a Progressed Chart?

A solar return chart is quite different from a progressed chart. A progressed chart moves all the degrees of your individual planets to your current age, using a special mathematical formula that all astrologers use.

The moon’s position is critical to a progressed chart, but unlike most of the planets that move along the sky very slowly, the moon moves very rapidly.

In fact, the moon moves so rapidly that if we offer you a progressed report, it would become out of date almost instantly!

A solar return, on the other hand, changes radically from year to year, but it will stay completely consistent for the one calendar year you have ordered.

Your solar return is based on the position of the planets on your birthday anniversary.

So, for example, if you have the classic aspect, Venus conjunct Mars, on your birthday this year, that aspect might suggest sparkling romance in the coming year (assuming the two planets will fall in just the right houses)! We place all the planets of your solar return into your natal chart for a unique report.

Every serious astrologer includes a solar return when meeting with clients for a yearly consultation.

First, You Need Your Natal Chart
The Solar Return is Your Second Logical Step

A solar return should be considered just one link in a chain of events of your entire lifetime and therefore should never be interpreted on its own.

In other words, a solar return chart is always used in concert with the natal chart.

The natal chart is the point from which your entire life’s path is read, past and future.

The solar return chart only pertains to a specific section of that path – one birthday year.

We suggest you FIRST get your natal chart, found in “My Personal Horoscope Natal Chart” and only SECOND get your solar return or “My Personal Horoscope Solar Return.”

You need to be acquainted with your natal chart first, because that chart is the one we compare all future charts to – you natal chart will never change.

The original product “My Personal Future Teller” discusses your personality, whereas “My Personal Solar Return” chart will instead focus on the general subjects that may become areas of concern or areas of reward in the coming year.

Together these two books make a logical and valuable pair. Your Solar Return can be best appreciated and understood as a sequel to “My Personal Horoscope.”