Psychic Scams are Alive and Well

Psychic scams started centuries ago.

Psychics still spread out their tarot cards and nonchalantly place the death card before us. With candles spitting discontentment around the half veiled figure, you pull in closer.

She taps the card and tells you there is much strife coming, too much strife to tell in one session. Scam one initiated, keep you coming back for more. There are ways of preventing these worrisome things.

Charms and spells will ward off an unhappy event. Scam two started, paying for additional services. “I travel a lot, so call me. I’ll be there for you.” Scam three dialed in, phone charges to stay connected.

The biggest scam for psychics is to keep you coming back for more.

Once your initial reading is over, there’s more to tell but it’s not clear yet. You should go back again. Your message will become clearer as new developments arise. Each visit requires more money.

Depending on what the psychic is offering you, the amount could increase with each visit. Visits themselves could increase, thus again, costing more money.

Scam two involves spells and charms.

The psychic will blessed an item you brought in or provided one specific to your issue. Charms and spells are purchased to bring in something you want like a new love, or the opposite like getting someone to leave you alone. Is there a lot of negativity happening around you?

Are you cursed and need a spell to break it? The curse could be recent and only require a few visits. Maybe it’s an old curse that could take months to clear. As long as your money holds out, so won’t the spells provided.

Phone scams are the oldest in modern technology and still popular.

A psychic will entice you in by offering free reading minutes to test their authenticity. A script is followed and they know what to say to keep you on the line longer.

When the real money ticker kicks in, then they slow down to become clearer and start asking more questions to keep you engaged.

Your cost is per minute, so it’s profitable for them to keep you talking as long as possible. If at nine and a half minutes you choose to say no, then they will give an ominous warning of some sort.

“Well…I hope it isn’t true what I’m seeing. Bless you and hope it all works out.” Of course, now you want to know more, right?

There are numerous other scams based on whatever fear you have.

Watch for subtle and obvious signs of a dishonest psychic.

If going in person, how does the reader and surroundings look? If it’s dark and mystical with the reader surrounded by crystal balls and he’s whispering, perhaps it’s more for show than for truth.

No matter if you are meeting in person, talking on the phone or in a chat room, be wary of the ones who ask you a lot of questions and more importantly, ask for more money.

The number one best indication of a fraud is your own gut instinct. If you are not comfortable, then leave, hang up or disconnect immediately.

Your rainy day fund will appreciate it.

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