Private Label Dropshipper Coffee

Research is constantly being done into what foods and drinks have specific effects on our bodies; what is good for us and what is bad for us; whereas coffee is full of caffeine which instantly sparks associations of it being poor for our health.

This has sparked debate as to which drink is better for our bodies – private label dropshipper coffee or smoothies?

People assume that smoothies are the healthier option as they are loaded with fruit and other goodness. However, all of these scientific studies have shown that the answer of which is healthier are far less clear cut.

Coffee with private label dropshipper

Private label dropshipper coffee is often associated with being bad for your health, because of potential risk of disease.

However, when conducting research into it, it was discovered coffee drinkers also tended to be people who smoked and drank alcohol too, therefore these will have had a contribution to long term ill effects.

Conversely long-term research on coffee drinkers has shown that coffee actually has beneficial effects in moderation; with no significant evidence of it having an adverse effect on life expectancy or causing disease.

Research has in fact suggested that it may have beneficial properties and have helped to prolong lives.

Private label dropshipper coffee also has antioxidant effects and also has been shown to have anti-depressant effects; suggesting that coffee has actually got some positive elements on a daily basis.

Smoothies are blended fruit drinks that can be a variety of flavors and are often used as part of a nutritious diet; especially when people are aiming to get healthier.

Fruit is thought to cut diabetes whereas research shows that drinking fruit can actually increase this risk. Eating and drinking certain fruits and vegetables is thought to reduce cancer; however, research has shown drinking fruit can lead to rectal cancer.

However, these studies don’t look specifically at smoothies, rather at fruit juices as a whole. Smoothies will still contain some of these but there is no hard evidence to show that moderate consumption of smoothies is harmful; and odes in fact have health benefits such as the large amounts of vitamins present in fruit.

So, What Is the Healthiest Option, Private Label Coffee or Smoothies?

A lot of this is down to personal preference as coffee and smoothies both have their beneficial attributes; and are both great tasting drinks.

Coffee has the additional bonus of giving you an additional kick to get your day going and has a range of varieties that can allow you to have a range of options and spice things up with different blends; and different types of coffee-based drink.

Overall when it comes down to dropshipper coffee with private labels vs. Smoothies the most important thing is to remember to consume either of them in moderation; and to aim for the healthiest version of them whichever drink you choose.