It’s Written In The Stars

It’s happened to you before whether you realized it or not.

Astrology and numerology has made its way into your life. Perhaps you were out on a date and someone asked what sign you were to see if your compatible.

Maybe you checked your horoscope in the daily paper to see what kind of day you’d have?

Or maybe you looked online at numerology to determine what numbers are lucky for you? It’s something that many people believe in, the fact that things that happen are out of our control. There is no such thing is luck, and chance.

astrology and numerology

Astrology has long been a popular practice.

It basically means seeing events in the human world as being connected to something beyond us such as astronomical evens.

My favorite division of astrology has long been horoscopes. There’s something exciting and almost magical about checking what kind of day you’re going to have before you have it.

Horoscopes take into the account celestial objects such as the sun and the moon at the time of your birth.

You find your sign in a list, and then check what your prediction for the day is. When it turns out to be accurate, it really is exciting.

Sometimes you don’t know what type of day you are going to have, or what a certain occurrence means.

Reading your horoscope takes away that mystery, and tells you what certain things mean.

One of my horoscopes today told me that I would hear some great news about a friend’s good fortune.

Today, my friend Anne told me that she was accepting a reporter job in Virginia, and would be moving out their in 2 weeks. It’s funny how the stars alight and something magical happens.

There are other forms of astrology such as tarot card readings.

A pack of tarot cards is used to predict you’re future, and uncover hidden truths about you, and deeper things that are written in the stars to happen.

These are usually done by a psychic.

He or she will bring you into a room, and study the cards. From these cards the psychic can determine many things.

They can predict things that will happen in your future, but also maybe something that happened in your past.

A psychic will bring things to light, that need your attention.

Looking at astrology really shows how there is something out there that has an influence on every day life in the natural world.

There is many research out there about what particular month you were born in says about you. Being an Aries, it often comes up that I am stubborn.

It’s 100% true. I used to think certain events made me that way, but I quickly realized that it’s the work of something celestial.

Studying numerology can really teach you a lot about your name, and reasons for birth.

This is done through mathematical calculations by seeing what number is assigned to a certain letter, calculating the results, and then studying what it means.

Overall, astrology really is a mesmerizing field of study. There are things in life that cannot be explained.

We can however find the deeper meaning of them, by studying deeper. The sun, the moon, and the stars all have a play in our stories to tell.

I always enjoy studying astrology and numerology to see if I’m on the right path in life, and what choices have played a role in shaping who I am today.