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Everyday Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls

Are shampoos and conditioners from supermarkets any good for black girls’ hair?

No. That is the simple answer. The first step in hair care is using a good shampoo and conditioner.

If you want to have beautiful hair you have to spend the money on cute hairstyles for black girls. Shampoos and conditioners from a supermarket will get rid of grease and will more often than not make the hair feel healthy.

However, they contain very harsh chemicals that can actually damage the black girl’s hair and make it dry.

Have you ever wondered why the color you have put in your hair just doesn’t seem to stay? It is because most cheap shampoos strip the hair, so the money you paid to have your hair done in the first place will be pointless.

Invest in cute hairstyles for black girls!

My black girl hairstyle is in bad condition, but I have never colored it.

Hair care style is very important, and the condition of hair is not just determined by whether you have put chemicals on it.

Most people would assume that if they have never colored their hair or put chemicals on it then it does not need special hair care.

This is not true for cute hairstyles for black girls.

Many factors can cause the hair to become damaged or in poor condition. Ask yourself how much heat you are putting on the hair, and

  • If you are putting a protection spray on beforehand?
  • Do you backcomb the black hair often?
  • Do you use rollers and hair style straighteners?
  • Do you have dreadlocks?

All these factors can cause the hair to become dry, brittle and damaged. Use a conditioning treatment on the hair once a week to help repair and protect the hair.

What type of comb should I use on my cute hairstyle for black girls?

Hair care isn’t just about looking after the hair when coloring and styling, it’s about the way you treat the hair when you brush and comb it.

There are so many different styles and prices for combs it can be hard to decide which one to go for.

Firstly, invest in a high-quality comb. You pay for what you get, so if you buy a cheap comb you can be guaranteed the quality is poor.

If you have a poor comb these can snap causing damage to the hair and the scalp.

If the comb has broken the skin, be careful as it can lead to infection.

Always comb the hair downwards not in any direction, follow the way the hair grows.

When you have wet hair always use a comb on the hair and never use a brush, because wet hair is more susceptible to damage and breaking.

What type of brush should I use on my hair?

Brushes are manufactured to achieve different results. Some people may Think they can buy any brush and it will do the same as the next one.

For example, cute hairstyles for black girls are often very good for combing through knotty hair, a round brush is good for curling hair under and retaining heat.

First and foremost, choose a brush that hasn’t got really hard or sharp bristles it won’t do your hair any favors.

The best type of brush to get is one that is made from natural fibers.

When you brush the hair don’t be vigorous, use soft stroking movements.

If you are unsure because there are so many out there, when you see your hairstylist explain to her what you need the brush for.

She will be able to recommend one for you because brushing is a very important factor in hair care.

What other factors can cause my black girl hair style to become unhealthy?

Aside from coloring the hair and damaging it with heat, there are unfortunately other ways the hair can become damaged, without many people even realizing.

The weather conditions can affect your hair in lots of ways.

For example, the sun and wind that is around us all the time can weaken the hair.

Sea salt if not washed from the hair will make it go dry.

Hair care on holiday is extremely important. If you are on holiday keep a hat on and avoid getting the hair wet.

In everyday life, protect the hair with a leave in conditioning spray and use a treatment conditioner every week.

How To Create Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls

Short hair styles have always been popular with black girls.

More and more people are becoming more daring with shorter hairstyles rather than going for a traditional look, they are adding things like striking colors, chunky fringes, lots of layers and flicks.

Short hair styles for black girls are definitely not just for guys, they can look extremely feminine.

The talk of the town is getting movement to the hair with lots of waves and flicks. Short hair styles with waves look gorgeous and have minimal effort.

How to create waves with short hair styles that are cute for Black Girls.

Creating curls on short hair is really easy, and you can change your look with minimal effort.

Creating Curls with curling tongs

  1. Separate the hair into sections working from the bottom of the head upwards. Keep the sections you are going to curl small
  2. Put a hairspray or setting lotion onto the hair to make sure the curls stay in place
  3. If you want tight curls, use curling tongs and wrap them around each section of hair.
  4. For bigger black hair styles, use a hot brush still keeping the section relatively small
  5. Once you have done the whole head spray all over with a hair spray or hair serum to make it really glossy

natural hairstyles for black girls

Creating curls with already wavy cute black girl hair

  1. Leave the hair damp but blot the excess water from the hair
  2. Put some curl enhancing mousse on the hair and distribute all over
  3. Separate the hair into section working from the bottom up
  4. With each section scrunch the hair with your hand a few times to create the curl effect and keep it in place
  5. Put a diffuser onto the hairdryer and dry each section after it has been scrunched
  6. Once the hair has been dried put the hair down gently, so the curls don’t lose their shape
  7. Once all the hair has been done and is dry spray the whole head with hairspray

Using the above methods will create really stylish, funky short hair styles.

Long Hair Cute long hairstyles for black girls

Long hair styles have always been a popular choice for women and in some cases men.

Long hair styles are great because you can create so many different looks from long sleek straight hair to wavy layered hair.

Long hair styles need extra care an attention.

So if you are intending to grow your black hair take a look at the “Hair Growth and Healthy Hair” section.

It will give you some tips and information of how to make your hair look and feel healthy.

I have thin hair, which long hair styles are cute for Black Girls?

Thin hair is quite often a problem and when you are trying to create long hair styles it can look even more limp than normal.

Long hair styles are great for thin hair because you can really disguise it by using different methods.

Layering cute hairstyles for black girls is really good because it creates instant volume, and the shape won’t look to limp and flat.

Curls and waves are great because they can help to create a volumizing effect.

For curls on long hair styles there are various methods and ways of doing it.