Amazing Free Psychic Love Reading

Preparing for a Free Psychic Love Reading

Mediums and psychics each have their own, unique format when conducting a psychic reading. Some free love reading psychics ask that you prepare a set of questions prior to the reading.

Other love readings will consist of the psychic sharing information with you and then taking questions at the end. It is rare, if ever, that a psychic won’t take your questions.

I would view that as a huge red flag as asking questions is vital to getting a quality reading.

In order to get the most out of your free psychic love reading it is important to come prepared and to assertively ask for clarification on things you are unclear about or on information that is vague.

While psychics and mediums can never promise that a particular deceased loved one will show up during a reading it is OK to ask for a particular person.

It is a good idea to send a thought out prior to the reading. It can be something as simple as, “Aunt Kathy, I would love for you to come through during my reading tomorrow.”

Record the psychic love reading

If at all possible make sure that the reading is recorded. There can be a lot of information that gets lost if the reading isn’t recorded.

The psychic may pass along information not for you but for a relative or a friend.

You may receive information that doesn’t make sense right now but will make sense in a week or a month.

You will not be able to absorb and retain 100 percent of the information provided in a psychic love reading.

Every few months I will listen to old readings. I am constantly surprised when predictions come true or when information that didn’t make sense at the time now makes perfect sense.

Listening to old readings can be an enjoyable activity!

Many times psychics will offer to record a free love reading for you.

If a psychic doesn’t offer this service then I ask permission beforehand if I can record the call on my cell phone.

Questions to ask during a free psychic love reading can include everything from how can I best improve my relationship?

Show me how to get the most out of my job? Should I take that trip to Greece?

Keep in mind that everyone has free will. It is unlikely that you will get responses like, “you are absolutely not to date that man.”

Instead you will receive information coming from a bigger picture than the snapshot that you are able to view from your perspective on life.

The psychic may be able to assess the situation and describe feelings of happiness and contentment if you go ahead with the relationship.

During a particular free love reading I asked the psychic if I should go ahead with buying a certain business.

Her response was that she got a generally good feeling from it but that her guides were telling her that I needed to do some research and do some digging about the business beforehand.

She specifically saw her spirit guides digging in the dirt with teaspoons. I thought that was so clever!

When brainstorming a list of love questions you may decide to stay away from “should I’ and “will I” questions.

These questions yield only “yes” or “no” responses.

Instead phrase the question like “how can I best” or “show me the outcome of”. Phrasing questions in this manner will yield far greater, more in-depth responses.

Potential free psychic love reading subject areas:

  • Career
  • Travel
  • Past, present and future relationships
  • Family
  • Money/Finances
  • Health
  • Spiritual development
  • Happiness
  • Life path
  • Habits
  • Past lives
  • Karmic debt

Sample Questions:

What is my most suitable career/work for me?
Tell me about my future with regards to my current career.
What is the best step or course of action to take right now to ensure my and my family’s safety and happiness?
Will I meet someone that I am on the same wavelength with? When? Can you tell me about this person?

I’m unhappy in our relationship, can you help me understand better?
How can I manifest and attract more of what you WANT in my life…while avoiding the recurring themes that keep dragging me down?
I am thinking of making a major purchase. Any guidance on what will happen here?
How can I improve my financial situation?
Tell me about my future with regards to health in general.
Do I have any particular issues I need to address right now?
What factors are holding me back from progressing and what can I do to bring about a better change?
What is best step or course of action to take right now to strengthen the relationships I have?
Am I living the life I was destined to live?

Steps to take:

Before the free psychic love reading:

If the psychic reading is over the phone, make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position in a room that is free from distractions, i.e. dogs barking, people interrupting, phone ringing.

Take a few minutes prior to the reading to clear your mind. Let go of stressful thoughts, problems, and worries.

Have your questions written down on paper.

If you are recording your session to make sure that the recording equipment is ready and working.

During the reading:

Have an open mind. It is OK to be skeptical and to seek validating information. It is terribly counterproductive if you go into the love reading by a free psychic thinking sarcastic thoughts like, “yeah right, this will never.”

Like attracts Like. If you are thinking negative thoughts then you are creating your own negative experience.

It is very important to ask clarifying questions when something doesn’t make complete sense to you. Ask follow-up questions as necessary.

After the reading:

Write down everything that comes to mind after the free psychic reading. Include a summary of the information received during the reading and the emotions you felt.

Are you in love? Is he the one? Here are five ways a free psychic love reading can help you determine if you’ve found Mr. Right.

Are you in love? Is he the one? Here are five ways a psychic can help you determine if you’ve found Mr. Right.

Palm Readings

You wouldn’t think your entire life is written on your hand, but an experienced psychic palm reader can tell you all about your personality, past experiences and even your romantic and love prospects.

Your heart line will say different things about your future depending its length and depth; your marriage line is just that, an indication of any upcoming bells.

Be sure to get both hands looked at, too: Your non-dominant hand (usually your left) is used to find your inherent traits and talents, while your dominant hand (usually your right) is for action, romance, future potential, et cetera.

Combine the two and you’ll have a clear picture of both how you react to free psychic love readings and what you should do about it.

Tarot Cards

Tarot readings are an ancient practice dating all the way back to 15th century England, but while most people are familiar with The Lovers and the Wheel of Fortune, few realize that tarot can go even deeper.

The Two of Cups, for example, represents a shared love and commitment between two people. The Empress is drawn when you’re feeling strong and ready for changes or a new relationship.

The Four of Wands foretells a safe, stable home environment, so if you’ve been wondering around that ring…


Auras readings are a delicate business and best done in pairs, so if you can convince your beau to visit a psychic with you, definitely take advantage of the opportunity and ask for a free aura reading!

While individual readings are useful for personality, a couples’ free reading can also judge compatibility and attachment.

Orange auras are good signs, representing energy, vitality and shared desires. Red auras are actually a warning: They don’t stand for passion, but rather stress, anxiety and uncertainty between two people. Green auras are perhaps the best.

They represent both comfort and growth, suggesting that you and your partner are ready to take your romance to the next level.


Psychometry, also called token-object reading, is one the flashier supernatural arts. You’ve probably seen it on TV when a psychic clutches someone’s sweater and then declares that their car is in a river.

Thankfully, real-life psychometry is a little more useful!

If you bring a psychometrist a personal effect, like a watch, earring or dinner receipt, they can get a “read” off the object and tell you whatever you need to know about where it came from and how its owner was feeling at the time.

This is the psychic practice you should turn to if you’re worried about infidelity or future prospects.


Like tarot, numerology is mostly done with cards, but in this case the numbers are what mater.

What you draw, how many of them you draw, they all represent different things and can predict or announce certain things in your future. Sixes are good news, reflecting happiness, pleasure and even the presence of reincarnated soul mates.

Fours are little more worrisome, warning you about difficult times ahead. Three aces is the ultimate draw: Break out the maternity pants!

These are just a few of the ways free love psychic readings can aid you on your quest for romance.

Relationships are never easy, but with the help of a gifted psychic you can lift the veil on some of love’s greatest mysteries. Good luck!

What Is Blocking Your Love Chakra?

You are having the worst time of it trying to find a soul mate. Every date turns into a hate fest or a nightmare, even when you go for coffee during the day.

You tell yourself that something has got to be off with you, and you may be right.

Your Love chakra is the place and position in line with your other chakras.

Each of your chakras can deeply impact the others as well as impact those specific aspects of your life. If your love chakra is off, your mating game is totally off.

But how do you know for sure that the problem is with your chakras and not with your personality or sense of humor?

It’s simple. You have a free psychic love reading.

The psychic performing the reading will pass his or her hands over your heart and head to determine if there is some type of psychic blockage. If there is, the next step is to remove the blockage.

Although the psychic who performs your reading can find the problems in your chakras and spiritual emanations, he or she cannot remove them. That is something you have to do on your own.

The psychic is merely the messenger and translator for your present and your future. What the psychic can do is give you the information and some techniques that will help you in your personal journey.

Usually, the first thing you have to do is unravel the whys. Why are you blocked from giving and receiving love?

Is it because you are holding on to a former love lost, or is it because you aren’t quite ready to move on in this department? Sometimes asking yourself the tough questions helps open your love chakra and then your positive and powerful emotions will draw others to you.

psychics giving advice with free readings

Secondly, you have to relax. Potential mates can sense when someone is trying to hard or feels pressured to get a relationship going.

This is because you are throwing off too much confusing psychic energy, and the other person’s psychic space collects that and immediately knows there is something wrong.

Before you go on a first date with anyone new, learn some breathing techniques or do some yoga. It helps.

When you are really interested in someone new, it doesn’t hurt to go back to your love psychic and have a new reading. As your heart chakra is awakening and opening up to new love possibilities, it alters the predicted outcome of your readings.

Your love psychic will pick up on that the minute you walk in the door. You might even make it a fun date for someone you are starting to get serious about!

Asking your love psychic for advice is not atypical. However, he or she doesn’t usually excel as a love guru.

He or she may be right more often than not, or even dead on, but he or she cannot advise you as to whether or not you should take a leap of faith into love.

That has to be your choice, just as using breathing techniques, exercise, and unraveling the mysteries of your own psyche are.

If you are offered advice, such as “stay away from your partner, he or she is going to kill you,” that is good advice to follow.