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In the time of 2020, we have listened to about many e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon, and there is a 90% chance that you also heard about the most prominent online store known as Alibaba Express.

There is a question which is tickling you in your mind that what is this website all about and who is the owner of it


Alibaba Express is an online retail service that has its ground in China that is owned by the group of Alibaba and launched in 2010. The Co-founder of Alibaba Express is Jack Ma, who is a Chinese investor and a politician.

The website Alibaba Express is made up of small businesses in China as well as other regions like Singapore, which offer millions of products to their online buyers.

It is the most visited e-commerce website all over the Globe, especially in Russia.

It has been regarded as the 10th most popular website in Brazil. It provides the facility to small businesses to sell products to their customers all over the World.

It gives the ability to their sellers to become independent and generate sales across the Globe using this platform

In the beginning. This platform started as Business to Business (B2B) selling and buying portal. As time passes, it expanded to business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, cloud computing as well as payment services

Alibaba Express is different from Amazon because it performs only as an e-commerce store, which does not connect directly to their product buyers.

This website is also used for dropshipping businesses all over the World.

We will discuss the concept of dropshipping after clearing your mind of what is Alibaba Express.

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba and Alibaba Express are the two biggest platforms of the same group.

These websites are often confused for one another probably because of their names as well as they are of the same corporation, but both of these have different functions.

Mainly, Alibaba is a B2B platform for wholesale trades; on the other hand, Alibaba Express adopts B2C method to connect small and medium level businesses directly with their customers.

This platform doesn’t manufacture its products as it strictly works as a Third-party.

Why Alibaba Express instead of amazon?

The only reason which makes Alibaba Express such a fantastic thing is its low-cost wares and its appeal to international buyers, all over the Globe, buyers seek out Alibaba Express for goods

Keeping in mind about this website, you will be thinking “is there any way we can earn with Alibaba Express?”

You will be glad to know that there are several ways that you can adopt to make money from Alibaba Express which are mentioned below:

  • Affiliate Program(recommended)
  • Dropshipping (must-do if you have a bit knowledge about Affiliate)
  • Cash Back Service for Alibaba Express
  • Inviting a Friend
alibaba express online shopping

Here is why I recommended Affiliate for Alibaba Express.

There is a big reason for that because Affiliate is one of the most profitable businesses you ever do.

The main focus of Affiliate in this site is to expand its website and provide better opportunities to the largest circle of people by using the internet.

After registering yourself as an affiliate, you will be provided by a specific link to particular products or sellers.

After that, these links have to be placed on your website or any other informational platform that you own for your traffic like; social media profiles, blogs, forums, etc.

If you don’t own anything like that, then there are many insecurities you will face while doing your earning.

You won’t be able to perform it well as you need to you will always depend on some professional persons

If you are a bit confused about how Alibaba Express affiliates exactly make money with such kind of platform?

Then there is some explanation of that too which clears all doubts in your mind.

So, let’s suppose you have a website a visitor of your niche (product) comes to it and likes the product that you mentioned after that he clicks on the link and directly go to the Alibaba Express and made a purchase there

Alibaba Express tracks the buyer from your website and gives you the commission that is the smart and straightforward working of Affiliate.


Your mind will blow up after reading this fantastic scheme which does not need any investment to start

Yes, you’ve heard right, No investment!

This is known as Dropshipping.

Why Dropshipping?

Understanding the Dropshipping, there is simple logic that many users prefer to wait for some time instead of ordering from Chinese stores. To perform this action, all you need to do is:

  • Search a niche in which you are interested
  • Mark the most popular products from your niche in Alibaba Express
  • Develop an online store/blog/page where you can market them
  • Promote the page by using the techniques of SMM or SEO
  • Grab the payments and deliver orders to customers

The investment that you probably need you to purchase products or to advertise your platform can be quickly earned by using variant 1 and 2.

How the dropshipping of Alibaba Express works?

You mark the product from the Alibaba Express and add them to your platform of earning. The purchaser will add it to their cart or directly inform you that he wants to buy it the customer pays you, and you buy the product and drop ship it to the customer’s address.

Inviting a friend program, you can also make money by simply sharing your referring link to others and get cash back for every purchase they made.

The fact is that 60% of invited users cashback.

It doesn’t need any investments; you only have to share your referral links as much as you can, and in this way, you can earn much better. There are tons of good reviews of buyers as well as sellers of this e-commerce website

The good thing which makes Alibaba Express fabulous is its excellent quality of product and its delivery time no matter from which part of the World you ordered.

You will be delivered as soon as possible according to your time and region and the best part is that you can get your refund if you didn’t receive your order by just directly contacting seller and telling them your issue.

I recommend you whenever you need to experience online shopping only buy from this site because this site has many and many other good features which will help you out for your satisfaction